“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.” ~ Plato

Simplicity is the state of being simple.

It may sound odd, or even too simple; suggesting we can get better results by simplifying our lives, but it is a great strategy.

We sometimes complicate every part of our lives with over thinking, not setting boundaries and not managing time effectively.

In today’s world we are constantly available. We are contactable 24/7.

We can use technology for our benefit and to simplify our lives if we apply it correctly. Or we can allow it to control us and it can add to our distress.

Decluttering is another great way to simplify. Decluttering physical space can help declutter our minds.

Time management is another essential when looking at ways to simplify life.

Simplifying adds clarity, and gives a greater sense of control; helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

Simplifying is a great motivator.  As we see ourselves decluttering and achieving small goals we get a great sense of achievement. Ticking small boxes.

Step by step day by day, we see results.

Simplicity is necessary in our physical world as well as in our minds. They are connected.

There are some great strategies we can work on with clients to help gain clarity and simplify.

Introduce simplicity and improve your outcomes.

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