IMG_0682“The number one unfair advantage in grazing is knowing how to sell livestock.” ~ Bud Williams

Marketing is not often given a lot of thought in farm businesses.

Often it’s one of those things we do that way because that’s the way it’s done.

Many farm businesses don’t have a marketing plan.

We sell livestock because it’s dry, it’s weaner sale time, the stock are ready or that’s what we have always done.

Is this the most profitable option for your business?

It is hard to visualize other options.

We get stuck, and resigned to do what we’ve always done because it feels safe.

Developing a marketing plan is change, change is frightening and we often resist.

Change to marketing can bring opportunities, learning and profits.

Do you have a marketing plan? What is your strategy?

Is it flexible? Set in stone? Same as last year?

Will it increase your profitability?

Will it help you manage grass?

What action can you take this week to market livestock and improve your outcomes?

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