Day-to-Day Grind

“Partly what we do as humans is to take care of others and contribute to others. This makes life more meaningful, but does not necessarily make us happy.” ~ Roy Baumeister.

The daily grind of being a mum, a carer, a dad, a child, a husband, a wife a partner or friend can be rough.

Selfless giving of tired individuals, who rarely if ever receive acknowledgement; let alone gratitude or thanks, those who continue to give, quite often beyond the point of exhaustion; these people are the true heroes.

Parents of disabled children; who keep on keeping on, volunteers in rural communities, folks who give despite their own best interests; these people show us what life is truly about.

Contribution. What do you have to give back to the world? Purpose. Helping out. What do you have to offer?

Placing more emphasis on helping others, and noticing the quiet contributions of others can impact on our own view of the world.

Purpose and happiness can often be found in helping others. In serving.

Perhaps your purpose is not to “Be happy” today, but to contribute to the lives of others; and while in that moment it may not make you happy, perhaps, just maybe it will.

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