I want to write about accountability today.

It is hard to stay motivated to be self-disciplined and self-controlled and structured unless there is accountability involved.

There has to be a consequence, a reason, some kind of something, anything that ensures compliance.

Whatever will work for you.

Especially when there it’s a tough task.

I can build that frame-work for you.

Set the goal, build the accountability in.

Will power alone is not enough.

We white knuckle it.

We get tired, will power runs low and we make excuses.

Take action before the goal lost, don’t wait until it’s almost too late!

It’s not weakness.  It’s just human nature.

We are great at inventing excuses. We even make up a special occasion; it’s a special day today, I’ll go back on my diet tomorrow.

I’ve been really busy. I’ve had a lot on. I’ve had heaps of assignments.

We can make excuses why we don’t do it; or hold ourselves accountable and just do it!


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