“That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only which gives everything it’s value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods.” ~ Thomas Paine.

We take a lot for granted.

The people we love, the life we have.

We often see hard times in our lives and see ourselves as unlucky or having a hard time.

There are always blessings and opportunity around us.

We just have to step back and put it all in perspective.

Is it really a bad life? A bad month, a bad week or just a bad moment that you have milked all day?

Without hard work, monumental effort, disappointments and failures we have nothing to compare our succusses.

We learn the value of great things and how to appreciate them in times of hardship and hard work.

We appreciate the things that we strive for.

I recently worked on a project that stretched most of those involved well beyond their comfort zones and tested their commitment to the limit.

It should have been straight forward, should have taken days and took three months.

It was bounced around; blockages and red tape and testy people and emotionally stressed individuals.

When the result was achieved most people were extremely excited, it was a celebrated achievement and meant so much more.  To those who were not directly involved and did not see the amount of work that went in; it was not a big deal.  And they felt that perhaps the outcome could have been better.  It was the process that gave the outcome the value.

If this project had have happened in the time frame we expected, it would not have even rated  a mention.

Effort.  Hard work.

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