What Really Matters?

“Death is the dark backing that a mirror needs if we are able to see anything.” ~ Saul Bellow in Humboldt’s Gift.

Often it is when we are confronted with death; the death of a loved one or our own looming death that we begin to consider what is really important.

What really counts?

It’s not about being intelligent, wealthy, famous, confident, right or wrong.

It’s not about having nice things.

People do not remember you for that.

They remember your kindness, your smile, how you helped them out, how you forgive, how you move on, your dignity and integrity.

No one will remember your stuff or your pride.

They will remember your courage, strength, love, the way you listen, your love, support and the way you make them laugh.

Your support. Your apology.

Fishing with the kids.

When you are gone the things you have collected in your lifetime will not matter.

People remember the love you gave and the times you had.

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