Don’t Take Yourself so Seriously

“No one can hurt you without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt.

We sometimes get upset over the smallest things.

We allow ourselves to be niggled by things that don’t really matter.

We use precious energy seething because someone said or did something we didn’t like.

We choose to be offended.

We need to let it go!

Does it matter if someone beeps you in traffic? If someone says “bathroom” and you prefer “toilet”? Really? Or are you just looking for cause to vent?

It doesn’t matter if that lady doesn’t like you. Or if you think someone should behave differently.

It really doesn’t matter.

Why waste all that energy on something that will not matter in a week or next year?

It sounds really simple.

It is.

We allow these things to trouble us. To niggle and annoy.

Did you really need to say something? Or could you let it go?

Step back. Big breath. Does it REALLY matter?

Or is it an excuse to vent?

Are you personalizing something that has NOTHING to do with you?

Choose not to be offended. Stop looking for reasons to be upset.

Move on. Keep scrolling. Click close. Walk away.

Stop spending all that energy whining!

Take it lightly. Don’t react. Stop taking yourself so seriously!

Maybe, dig a little deeper.  What’s really going on? What is it really about?

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