“The triumph of hope over experience.” ~ Samuel Johnson.

Our life experience leads us to view the world differently to everyone else.

Every day we learn lessons and develop bias; good and bad; that lead us to form our own world view, our own perspective.

No two people see the world in the same way.

We tell ourselves a story, based on the story we have lived in the past.

And sometimes this story we tell ourselves, may not be very accurate.

We may lose faith and hope in the future, based on negative past experiences.

We may feel that we have no control over what goes on in our lives, that we have no choice; because what we have experienced in the past has caused us to feel defeated.

What is your story? What are you telling yourself?

What might have caused you to lose hope?

Does hope triumph over experience in your life?

Everyone has a past.

Learn from it, move forward; grateful for the lesson.

What lessons have you learnt from your past?

Do you dwell on past experiences, view your future as dim and gloomy?

Do you think the way you think about your future and your past impacts your results today?

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