Failure…or Lessons

“Success is on the far side of failure.” ~ T.J. Watson

We are afraid of failure.

Failure teaches us, but only if we are prepared to listen and learn from our mistakes.

We learn resilience. Courage.

How to stand up and have another shot.

Failure can eat at us and make us miserable, resentful, angry, depressed if we do not reframe and learn.

Ego does not like failure.

We find it difficult to step back and find the lesson in failure.

We can become so afraid of failure we refuse to try. We find excuses.

“I can’t”, becomes our mantra.

We get stuck.

We ruminate; failure, lack of success, non-performance, insufficient, unsuccessful.

But the story isn’t over. Reflect. Learn. Ask questions.

Have another go.

We only fail when we stop trying or refuse to attempt in the first place.

Find the lesson, steady yourself, consider options.

We don’t find success whining about our failures.

Failure shows us what won’t work; so we can find what does.

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