Challenges, Learning, Skills.

“He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail.” ~ Abraham Maslow.

We all have gifts, areas of speciality and talents.

We can sometimes get stuck focusing in our own area of speciality and neglecting other areas of life and business that require our attention.

We neglect these areas and tell ourselves we are no good at that and we get caught up in the labelling. “I’m hopeless at bookwork”, we make claims and excuses and say “It’s just me, the way I am”.

There is a direct link between low skill and low motivation.

We make excuses when we are not prepared to put in the effort to make the change.

Yes, we are all naturally talented in one or another particular area.

Good results give us good feedback and we are thus highly motivated to do things we are good at.

Some areas we really need to strive, and we may not enjoy.

If we wish to successfully make change and improve outcomes we must step outside our comfort zone and challenge ourselves with tasks that may be difficult.

Stretch ourselves, extend, grow and improve.

We often see things only from our own specialty and focus area.

We can learn a lot by collaboration and sharing. By looking from another perspective.

Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

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