Strategic Planning

“A strategic plan is simply picking a general direction and implementing it like hell.” ~ Jack Welch.

I believe in planning.

I believe in changing your plan.

I believe that while you must have a plan, that maps out where you are going, that plan must be constantly reviewed.

Circumstances change.

Goals shift.

There is no good working your butt off to achieve something and then realising that it wasn’t what you were hoping to achieve.

Have a plan; have a strategy. Revise them often.

Is this working?

How effective is this strategy?

Am I getting closer to the goals I have set?

Ask questions of yourself.

Work hard at implementing your plan.

Make sure it is the right plan.

Make sure you have time frames around goals.

Take time out to review, analyse results and question how effective this plan is.

Tweaking plans, minor adjustments, corrections may be needed.

Review constantly and be prepared to make changes.

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