“There can be no friendship without confidence and no confidence without integrity.” ~ Samuel Johnson.

What is integrity?

Integrity is sticking to moral and ethical principles, honesty, wholeness, perfect condition, unimpaired.

Keeping your word. Putting your money where your mouth is.


We often make commitments to ourselves and those who are closest to us that we fail to keep.

We may be careful with our word in business dealings and with others; yet we break promises to ourselves and our nearest and dearest.

Prioritise keeping promises to yourself this week.

Hold yourself to your word.

Are you taking care of you?

Are you doing the things you really don’t want to do?

Are you putting the things into practice you said you would?

Or are they sliding to the bottom of the list because things got too busy this week?

Procrastinating? Telling yourself you don’t have time?

We can find thousands of excuses for not doing the things we say we will.

Not meeting goals.

Not following our own set of rules.

Holding ourselves a little higher, holding ourselves accountable is not easy.


Be honest.

Be your own friend.

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