The Golden Rule

“We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life.” ~ Edwin Markham


We all know the Golden Rule.

We sometimes edit it a little to suit ourselves.

We like to treat others the way they treat us.

Not the way we wish to be treated.

When I think about the Golden Rule; I think if we all followed this rule 100% of the time, with 100% of our heart, truly; there would be no war.  There would be peace.

There are many variations of this teaching.  In many languages, cultures and religions.

How closely and often do you follow the Golden Rule?

What about justice? When someone breaks the law, harms another person? In their position we might like to be excused from the crimes, to get away with it. There is no justice in that. How can we apply the Golden Rule?

Perhaps we should treat others as we would expect to be treated or punished under those circumstances. IF you have behaved in that manner, how would you wish to be treated?  What is fair and just? Even when we have done wrong we deserve respect.

If we all lived by this, really applied this.  What kind of world would it be?

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