Diversity, Tolerance, Unity, Generosity.

“I take as my guide the hope of a saint: in crucial things, unity – in important things, diversity – in all things, generosity.” ~ George Bush.

Diversity is the state of being different. Multiple forms. Unlikeness.

We are afraid of being different.

Of standing out.

We don’t accept those who are different easily.

Intolerance is rife in our country at present.

Diversity brings a chance to learn.

We do not all have to agree, but we can respect other’s views, beliefs, religions. And we can learn from them.

Each and every one of us has something to contribute.

We recognise diversity builds a stronger environment. In nature we understand diversity is essential for strong eco-systems.

Yet, we are barely tolerant of those who differ from us.

What are we afraid of?

We make judgements and claims about things we know little about. We label.

Are we just looking for someone to blame?

Us versus them.

We do not all need to agree, if a value, belief or view does not sit right with you that’s fine. Great. Don’t adapt it. Don’t follow it. But, let’s all try to accept that another human being, who is every bit as valuable as yourself does accept and believe that. And to them it means a lot.

Tolerance. Generosity. Kindness. Unity.

It costs nothing to be kind.

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