“The measure of a man is what he does with his power.” ~ Plato.

It can be challenging to lead well in family business.

Effective leaders delegate, they allow others to shine, they share their knowledge and experience and allow it to guide others.

They are not focused on self. They mentor others. They ask questions. They teach. They recognise the need for change and they allow. They point out obstacles and pit falls that they have already found.

As a leader in your farm business are you leading well?

Are you training effective leaders for the future?

Are you sponsoring talents, allowing growth and change?

In farm business we are often also family members.

Not always do we differentiate between the two roles particularly well.

We need to develop the talents and skills of the younger generation.

Pass on knowledge and skills. Support them in learning new skills and technologies.

We must communicate clearly and professionally the plans we hold for the future.

Leadership in farm business means making the choice to efficiently and effectively plan for the future. To communicate these plans and to allow others room to grow and plan.

Are you using your powers well?

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