Yes, you are special. Sorry, you’re not special.

“That which is most personal is most general.” ~ Carl Rogers.

We all like to think of ourselves as special. We are of course unique.

And in some ways we are all special. There will never be another you. You are a miracle.

One of a kind. You are also one of many.

Thousands of people share your concerns, fears, worries, problems and issues.

No, not exactly the same, nor do they react the same way or make the same choices or live your life. But, they pretty much get some idea.

You are not alone.

You are part of this world. We are all the same. We are all on this ship together.

Like it or lump it; as my Nan used to say.

We have become, I think; perhaps a little too focused on self.

We are all special, wonderful, talented individuals but, sometimes I think we need to step back, look at the bigger picture and remember we are all part of the one team.

We can be a little narcissistic. “What’s in this for me?” “What will I get out of this?”

There is only one planet at this point that we can all share.

And we’re all on it together. Let’s find some common ground.

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