Long Term Planning

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” ~ Warren Buffet

Long term planning is neglected by many farm businesses.

Families often leave it for the Will to take care of. This often results in conflicts and communication break-downs.

What are your long term plans and goals?

Do you have a succession plan in place?

Do your family members know what this plan contains?

What about those who are off the farm?

What about land management?

Who will take care of things if you can’t?

When are you planning to retire? How?

What will need to happen for this to take place?

What do your children want for the future?

Land management needs to be long-term. What about animals? Water? Finance? Human resources?

Twenty years? Fifty years? One hundred years?

Are you contributing to building a better future?

What action can you take today to provide for a better long term future?

What legacy will you leave?

Will someone sit in a shady spot you created?

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