Giving Back

“Those who can do. Those who can do more volunteer.” ~ Unknown.

I believe in the value of contribution.

We find purpose and a sense of accomplishment in offering our services, skills and knowledge to help others.

I believe what you give will come back to you.

What are you giving back to the world?

What can you contribute to your community?

How did you contribute today?

Community service is a great way to connect, network and to add purpose to your life.

Get involved.

I read recently about a young man who was organising lawn mowing services for the elderly or people with disabilities. Using the labour of teenagers he had put into place a structured system; coloured t-shirts representing the number of lawns mown. Similar to martial arts belts.

Encouraging others to contribute.

Fantastic, inspirational stuff!

Don’t complain, whine and moan, don’t sit and watch. Offer to help. Get involved.

Take a chance!

Let’s build better communities.

Let’s build support networks, connections and find purpose in lives.

What ideas have you got?

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