Sympathy and Understanding

“Don’t criticize them; they are just what we would be under similar circumstances.” ~ Lincoln.

We can improve the quality of our relationships by increasing our understanding of others.

If we consider other people’s views, circumstances and perspectives from a sympathetic rather than critical eye we can perhaps, minimise conflict and get better results.

Consider what is behind another persons expression of emotion.

How does their life experience, age, culture and history influence the way they see this situation?

People generally do the best they can with the skill and resources they have at the time.

That is not to brush things off and make excuses.

We should all be striving to learn, grow and improve.

Sometimes understanding goes a long way towards resolution.

With the same life experience, skills or lack there-of we may behave in the same way as the individual we are judging and criticising.

Empathy. Understanding.

Love each other well.

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