“Action springs out of what we fundamentally desire.” ~ Harry A Overstreet.

Why don’t we do what we say we are going to do?

Why do we procrastinate even though we know better?

What motivates us?

What stalls us?

What desires are at the core of our decision making?

What gets results?

Our biggest motivators I believe are fear, greed and laziness. Inertia.

We avoid action because we are lazy.

We take action because we are greedy. We have a desire for something. I do not mean greed in a negative way here.

Greed in this context means wish to improve, increase or in some way gain or achieve better outcomes.

The known is safer than the unknown. It takes more effort to change.

We sit tight and accept the status quo. We don’t rock the boat. What opportunities are we missing?

We set goals to work towards, but if we are not genuine in putting in 100% we must consider how badly we really want to achieve these goals. Why are we not taking action?

What is really going on?

Why the resistance?

What is stopping you?

We find thousands of excuses and reasons why we are not taking action or not getting the results we want.

In the end, it comes down to how much you really want it and what action you are prepared to take to achieve your goals.

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