Life Lessons

Ever wondered what the lesson is in an experience?

You feel the hurt, know it’s supposed to be a lesson, a tap on the shoulder from life, and you respond with “Huh?”.

Sometimes it is really hard to find the lesson.

Recently I struggled with an experience, and it took me a while to find the lesson.

I came up with that I had not asked enough questions, I did not do enough homework, research and due diligence, I was too trusting and believed what I was told at face value. I did not listen to my gut. I did not stop, steady the course and step away. I did not investigate on a deep enough level.

I had pushed icky gut feelings aside and moved on, told myself it was all going to be fabulous.

The lesson caught up.

I am forced to reflect and consider what I need to change to move forward.

Do you trust your gut?

Do you listen to life’s lessons?

Do you do enough research and ask all the right questions?

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