What the World Needs Now

“Hatred is never ended by hatred, but by love.” ~ Buddha.

So many of us are fearful right now.

What does the future hold? More acts of terror? Instability? Insecurity? Crisis?

The only thing that will create a better future is love and understanding.

Tolerance for one and all.


We are all afraid of what we do not understand. We are afraid of difference.

It is easy to create a division. Us and them. We place blame. Them. They did this. Their fault.

Or we can try and build a peaceful future for us all.

I believe in peace. Kindness. Love. Respect.

We don’t have to agree, approve or wish to live that life yourself. Just allow others the freedom to live their life the way they wish. Without comment.

If you don’t want to drink; don’t. If you don’t like to eat meat; don’t. Whatever. But, allow others to right to choose.

It’s not your business.

Be quiet. Move on.

Kind & loving. Always.

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