“Obstacles are things a person sees when she takes her eyes off her goal.” ~ E. Joseph Cossman.

Obstacles are opportunities.

Opportunities to learn, to think creatively, to find a new way.

We can get blocked up by seeing obstacles from only the one perspective.

We can become convinced that the problem cannot be overcome, that it is huge, that there is no way out, no way around this. Sometimes even to the point, that when offered an alternative or solution we condemn and give reasons why that too, won’t work.

If we step back from the problem, take a look from a new perspective, search for the opportunity we can often resolve the issue quite quickly.

Get creative. Apply another way of thinking. See things from another’s perspective.

Obstacles can become so huge, we can focus on nothing else, see no way out.

There is always a solution. There is opportunity here.

Is it to diversify? Is there a marketing option? Opportunity to learn, grow, change or expand?

Are your eyes on your goals, or on your obstacles?

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