Being Coachable

“Men must be taught as if you have taught them not. And things unknown proposed as things forgot.” ~ Alexander Pope.

Being coachable can be difficult.

Often, ego want us to be right. To say “I know”.

To shut down, not hear options, alternatives and new information.

Ego likes to win.

It is challenging to be open to new ways, ideas, change and learning.

We already have a way. We know how to do this.

If we are always seeking improvement; new ways, creative ideas, alternatives; even when there isn’t a problem to solve, we may find ways to improve.

Simply by being open.

Not all ideas and alternatives will suit all people.

Our brains pick patterns, routines and remember the familiar. Habits. It helps us survive.

Sometimes changing these habits and patterns, if we are prepared to consider, to research to go away and think, can lead to breakthrough.

Are you prepared to try new ideas?

How open are you to alternatives?

How creative are you in your thinking?

Does your ego give you a hard time?

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