Beginner’s Mind

“Only one thing I know and that is I know nothing.” ~ Socrates.

It’s really helpful when trying to solve a problem or find a better way to be able to step back for a short time and take a look from a new perspective.

To let go of what we think we already know and see things from a fresh point of view.

Not easy.

Our brains hold us to previous experience, things we “know” are true. To our own view. And this is limiting.

We get blocked by what is, rather than being open to what could be.

Schools perhaps train us to learn facts, and perhaps not use our imaginations enough.

Creativity is the key to moving forward.

New options, new ideas.

What do you think?

Are you open to new thinking?

Try refusing to accept there is ONLY ONE way. There is always many possible ways of achieving the same result.

How COULD this be? What if? Why are we doing it this way?

Often we feel attacked when methods that are tried and true are questioned.

Try acknowledging what is, seeking some alternatives and comparing the two.

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