“Just because it’s happening and you see it all the time, that doesn’t make it right. If it hurts feelings then it’s wrong. If it degrades some body and makes him or her feel small. It’s wrong.” ~ Rosalind Wiseman.

Yes it happens everywhere. Everyday.

And it’s time it changed.

It’s time we all did something each day, just one thing; intervene, speak up, when we would normally turn a blind eye.

It’s time to ask each other if we are all okay.

It’s time to speak out. It’s time to say, it’s not okay that my child does not want to go to school.

It’s time to say it’s not “just a girl thing”.

It’s time to stop the violence. The hate.

Please, step up. If you know it’s hurting another person, making them feel small please, stand with them. Say something.


It’s not okay. Let’s help each other.

Let’s spread love and kindness.

Each and every single one of us is different. That’s what makes the world such a wonderful place. You are not a better person because you point out others differences or because you judge and label. You are not a better person because you isolate and create power playing games.

If you feel badly about yourself, please, deal with that, without making others feel bad in some misguided attempt to elevate yourself.

If you see this, please step forward. Please use your influence in the most kind and loving way.

It’s about being strong enough to stand up for those who don’t feel strong enough to stand for themselves right now.

No more suicides. No more deaths. No more bullying.

Let’s build a better world.

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