Multitudes – Layers

“I am large: I contain multitudes.” ~ Walt Whitman.

We forget how big we are.

We define ourselves and each other with narrow labels.

Sometimes we forget we are more than a mum or a partner.

We identify ourselves and place perhaps too high a value on one or two sections of our true selves.

We are so many things to so many people.

There are layers upon layers within you. Beliefs, values, experiences, memories, knowledge, skills, talents.

You may be a woman, a builder, a student, a runner, a lover of cars, a beer drinker, a farmer, a Catholic, a teenager, gay, old, pretty, slow, quiet, loud.

Perhaps we identify ourselves too strongly with just one or two labels. Shove the others aside?

Perhaps we judge others by the labels we give them?

How deep are you? What are you? Who are you?

I am human. The rest I am still discovering.

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