“Be diplomatic. It will help you gain your point.” ~ King Akhtoi of Egypt.

Have you ever stepped back and looked for a moment at a situation, and thought why?

Who decided it was okay for this to be the way?

Who decided you could be this unhappy? Or this angry?

Are you tired of fighting and struggling?

Is it too hard to just let it go?

Can you relax?

Love a little better?

Make choices based on kindness. Love. Diplomacy. Rest. Step back. Create some space.

It doesn’t all have to go the way you think it “should”.

Take a look at the world. Remind yourself of all the good things.

Stop looking for the arguments.

Relax. Smile. Stay silent.

Does it all really matter?

Perhaps, what does really count will become clearer as you stay quiet about the rest?

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