I have had the worst case of writer’s block recently.

I have procrastinated, made excuses, been too busy. Made more excuses and allowed myself to escape the desk.

Writing requires self-discipline, commitment and self-control.


One must sit and write. And sometimes the words won’t come.

Sometimes there is too much else going on. I am healing, putting energy into building a new life. Focussing on what is going on around me, I run out of words.

I sometimes feel low on energy and low on motivation.

I try telling myself I have unlimited energy and motivation. No limits.

I am trying to strengthen myself. This has been another challenge.

Sometimes what goes on in the heart and the head won’t come out onto a page.

I can’t voice it.

Working from home has been one of my biggest challenges. I am harsh and critical of myself, yet I make excuses not to sit and work the hours I need to work. I don’t hold myself accountable.

Action is key. Reflection helps,  and correction is essential.

Next challenge. No excuses.

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