Breast Cancer Awareness

This year during breast cancer awareness month, my boobs decided to remind me that I am considered high risk.

I woke up with a raging infection in my boob. Again.

Red, angry, hot and sore. My body ached and I developed flu symptoms to go with it.

Infections aren’t cancer. No. It’s just described as “unusual”, “warrants further investigation” and they can’t explain it. So, I wait and watch, and check and check again.

I wasn’t well enough to write, and I probably sound like I’m having a whine now, but I just want to share my story, that doesn’t fit the typical “lump” finding. Check it. Go see your doctor and keep checking.

I’m blessed. This was my third scare. I’ve had MRIs, ultrasounds, mammograms, biopsies and seen surgeons. At this point I’m told it’s an unusual case, not cancer, but needs to be watched closely.

So, today and everyday, check your body. Be aware of your body, listen to what it tells you. Watch for changes. Get it checked. Take care of you.

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