Everyone Has A Story

“Much to learn you still have.” ~ Master Yoda.

Four years ago I got a call at work. One of my children was very sick and was heading for emergency surgery.

I raced to the hospital, via the house, quick shower to wash off the cow poo.

I made it in time to hold him while they put him under. For the next week, I didn’t leave the hospital.

I took a month off work to be at home with him. And I thought I would die of boredom.

A mentor friend posted me books, learning material and set me up with online links and networks.

I spent the time reading, learning, making notes, reflecting and spending time with my little boy.

I learnt a lot about myself; about what I really wanted. I learnt to BE. Not just DO.

I believe this was a wake up call for me.

I needed a great big “STOP” sign, I was heading down the wrong path, with all of the best intentions; and it was making me very unhappy.

I was thinking: “When I get this achieved…”, “When I manage to pay this off..”, then I’ll be happy, then I’ll be successful, then I’ll have made them happy, THEN we’ll all live happily forever after.

How wrong I was.

This time taught me about myself. What I needed, what I really wanted, what was really important and about taking care of yourself. I made some tough choices. And I acted.

My life is very different now. I am very different now.

It’s been a difficult road. And I’ve met a lot of resistance. From myself as well as others.

It’s all been worth it. I am happy. Life is much more peaceful now. I am secure, healthy, have a lot less stress and recognise that driving yourself to the point of emotional and physical breakdown will not fix ANYTHING!

I am so grateful for this STOP sign. Although at the time it seemed to be the WORST thing that could happen. My child was very sick, and I needed to take serious time away from work, right when I felt my career and business was going somewhere! It floored me. And, yet, I never went back to it 100%. I realised that path would never allow me to be happy. I realised that I could never DO enough. I needed to create some balance and some boundaries.

Sometimes we need to stop, take some time out to learn about ourselves. And then to act.

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