Tough Choices

I have recently made some very tough choices.
The decision to remove someone from your life is not an easy one.
Particularly when it is someone you care deeply for.
It is not easy to explain or justify this choice, particularly without sounding condemning or judgemental.
I know that for my life this is best. I know that I need not to give any attention or energy to this particular relationship.
I know that this relationship is detrimental to my well being.
I know I am sensitive and easily frustrated in this relationship. I know that truths are disputed and word games played. I know that too many times I’ve tried to help and can’t.
I know I’ve listened too much.
I know I was desperate to help, and that made me vulnerable.
I can’t help.
I don’t have the energy or the support needed to cope with this on a daily basis.
So, I will step away from the lies, the drama, the issues.
I can’t allow myself to accept the blame, listen to you complain about the past any more.
I can’t cover up for you.
I know that these things are not logical, rational, I know volumes have noticed. I know no one has stepped up to help. I see the denial.
So, I make this choice to walk away.
Four years after I made the choice to save myself from the blackness, now I must free myself from any attempts for it to reach me.
My healing and growth has been extraordinary. I have created a wonderful life. This next step is to allow me to continue forward.
I’m sorry for your hurts, and I wish you recovery and healing.

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