“The idea of having it all never meant doing it all. Men are parents too, and actually women will never be equal outside the home until men are equal inside the home.” ~ Gloria Steinem.

It’s International Women’s Day.

Equality. What does it mean? Do we want it?

I am grateful for the women of history who have paved the way to make women more equal and who fought so we have more freedom today.

But it’s not enough.

I am grateful I live in Australia, where the imbalance is less than perhaps in other cultures.

But, when I look at my daughter I want more.

We are pushing for more women on boards, more women in leadership roles and this is fantastic, but, we need to address this from the other side.

Women’s participation rates in the work force has increased dramatically, men’s participation in child raising and house keeping hasn’t kept up.

And women are still dying at the hands of abusers. Family violence is about control. Not equality.

How can we address these issues?

Should we address them?

What do you think?

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