We all have challenges to face.

We cannot compare our challenges with those of another person.

The last 5 years for me have been extremely challenging.

Challenges teach us a lot about who we are. We can use these lows to help us attain our goals.

We learn best when we are challenged.

We learn when we are acknowledging our mistakes.

The moving on, creating something better from the ashes is what it’s all about.

Don’t get stuck in the low points.

It’s not forever.  What can we do to make change?

Sometimes it’s about working out what you really want.

There was a time I had NO idea what I wanted. I just knew the life I had was NOT what I wanted. I was desperately unhappy. I was stressed, over worked, overwhelmed, emotionally drained, trying to “fix” it all on my own, with no support.  I was carrying far too heavy a load.

I hadn’t told anyone the truth, the true extent of the problems. I was embarrassed, felt inadequate, like I should be able to “fix” it all. To hold it all together. To make it all work.  I was trying like crazy, and it just wasn’t working.

It felt to me, like I was letting the whole world down.

Emotionally and physically I hit a huge wall. I was exhausted. And suddenly I realised I couldn’t fix it all on my own.

It’s not an easy place to be.

Reach out. Get support. Take some time out, work out what really matters.

Then, re-build.

It will get better.

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