That’s A Decision

“To stick to continuity and riskless activities in itself is a risk. Doing nothing is not the avoidance of all risk but the acceptance of high risk through inertia.” ~ Edward DeBono.

Sometimes, when we are faced with difficult decisions we become frozen and do nothing.

To sit on the fence and not commit. To keep doing what we’ve been doing and ignore the problem, because we think that is easier than facing the challenge of making a decision.

Avoidance is sometimes easier.

It will catch up with us. Doing nothing is a choice, and it will have it’s consequences.

Somethings are hard. But don’t ignore them. Don’t just shove it in the too hard basket.

Sometimes we are so afraid of what might happen if we take action we can’t do anything at all!

Not too often do we consider the consequences of doing nothing.

What about missed opportunity?

And the things we worry about? Mostly, they don’t happen.

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