Fake it Til you Make It

“Assume a virtue if you have it not.” ~ Shakespeare.

A valuable lesson I have learnt is “faking it until you make it”.

I lacked confidence in the work I was doing. I was unsure of myself and felt very intimidated.

A mentor reminded me that lots around me probably felt the same way, that we all feel this way at some point.

And it’s true. We all doubt our ability.

My mentor told me to find someone I admired and emulate them.

To behave in a confident manner until I felt confident.

And it helped.

This advice also helped me in rebuilding my life. When I was unhappy, I got up and faked happy, until I felt happy again.

It helped when I felt like an imposter. That I didn’t have the right knowledge or skills or ability to be where I was, I faked confidence, asked lots of questions and worked really hard.

Find someone you admire. Follow their lead.

When it’s really hard, fake it, until you make it.

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