“It is the awareness…of how you are stuck, that makes you recover.” ~ Fritz Perls.

Until we know what the problem is, or recognize that we are stuck and blocked we can’t change a thing.

Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step towards fixing the problem.

At times things need to go really wrong, get really bad before we recognize that there is a problem and seek to find a solution.

My personal experience was one of being unhappy, knowing something was not right, being so run over and run down, so exhausted but not being aware that I could make a change.

When I did recognize that I had the power to make the changes I needed to make, that my life was my responsibility and I could make the choices, that’s when the hard work started! I made the changes, but change is really hard.

Was it worth it?


Recovery and building the life you want is amazing.

Not everyone wants or needs to overhaul their life.

What one thing would you like to change?

Are you stuck? Are you aware of how you feel about your life?

What makes you happy? What’s making you unhappy?

How can we change that?

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