“I get what I think about, and I am choosing from here on in to think about harmony until it is habitual.” ~ Dr Wayne Dyer.

What we think about is what dominates our lives.

Those thoughts running through our minds, over and over again. They are what make our days and nights, good or bad.

When we choose (and yes! it is a choice!) to think about the negative, it dominates, rules us and we feel low and have a really hard time.

When we work really hard on controlling our thoughts we create a different outcome.

Thinking is a habit.

Thinking about something that causes us grief, worry or makes us unhappy is habit.

And we can change it. We can replace that habit with a new habit.

Yes, it’s hard work.

But, it’s worth the work to be happy!

We must control our thoughts or they control our day.

Create a new habit. Let’s kick the negative thinking.

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