“Do you ever go up to a tee and say “don’t hit it left”, “don’t hit it right”? That is your conscious mind. My body knows how to play golf. I’ve trained it to do that. It’s just a matter of keeping my conscious mind out of it.” ~ Tiger Woods.

Do you overthink?

Struggle to shut that little voice up in your head?

My mind plays havoc sometimes with my work, my sleep, my study and my rest.

That voice defeats my confidence, bashes my self-esteem.

Makes me doubt myself.

And in the past that little voice has been encouraged by people I allowed in my life.

We have to set boundaries around relationships that are damaging. And we must set boundaries for our minds.

We worry too much. We want to control everything. We can’t let it be.

Quietening my mind is challenging, but it has huge benefits.

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