“Once you label me you negate me.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard.

We label others and ourselves. Too old, too fat, too dumb, not smart, just not me.

Slow. Not good at maths. Not a book person. Unfit. Drinker. Sad. Unlucky.

Labels prevent us from attempting things in our lives, because we have already decided we can’t do something before we even try.

“Too old now…”

“I don’t….”

“I can’t…”

We have preconceived ideas of how good or bad we are at something.

These labels are often just excuses, to keep us in our comfort zone. We get comfortable with the familiar, our habits keep us feeling safe, so we keep doing the things we’ve always done. Because that is who we are. These labels.

What if you are not who you tell yourself you are?

What if that is who family, friends, society and yourself has labelled you?

Who are you when no one is telling you who you are?

What is it you’d like to be?

Are you living up to your labels? Or making choices that support what you want for your future?

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