Boundaries and My Time

One of my biggest challenges in working from home is the way other people see me.

People tend to assume that because I’m AT HOME, I’m available. I’m doing nothing, so they can pop in, chat, do favours, help out or take on more work.

And, I allow that to intrude on my time. In fact, I use it as an excuse to avoid work or study.

So, one of my current focuses is having a schedule, sticking to it and being committed. I try to allow for some flexibility, but try and stay on task.

It’s not easy. I’m not a tough enough boss! Self-discipline is the hardest!

My brain wanders, I’m easily distracted and I’m always looking for something more exciting to tear me away from the desk!

However, I know that if I want to achieve the goals I have set, I’ve got to set the boundaries and stay on task. I must manage my time effectively.

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

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