“Happy people understand that the name of the game is to enjoy life rather than think about it.” ~ Richard Carlson.

We often overthink things.

We spend way too much time thinking about the things that are bothering us and worrying us, and we don’t recognize that this thinking is what is making us so unhappy!

It’s hard NOT to think about these things. We have to. We can’t stop!

But, if we do manage to lay it down, refocus, get our minds back to where we need them, when we retrain our thinking, and drop the worry, it has a huge impact on life.

We make ourselves happy or anxious with our thoughts.

Thoughts are habitual.

Thoughts can be painful.

It is difficult but we can change them.

Thinking is a habit. And if we can create NEW habits, we can replace old habits.

It’s not an easy task. But it is well worth the work.

Enjoy today.

Be present.

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