What’s Your Focus?

“Water the flowers you want to grow.” ~ Covey.

When something is eating at us, when someone has hurt us significantly or we think we have been dealt with unjustly we can’t seem to get it out of our heads.

We ruminate, lie awake, we might even plot revenge. We can’t concentrate on anything else.

For some this might go on for years after the perceived injustice.

But, if we spend all our time thinking and focusing on this problem, all our energy goes there.

The problem grows.

We spiral down.

Life has it’s hurts.

Not everything is fair. Not everything works out the way we had in mind.

But, whatever it is we are focussing on grows with the energy we give it.

Focus on self, recovery, healing, building.

Focus on the task at hand.

Distract yourself. Move away from unhealthy rumination from the past.

Water the flowers you wish to grow. Not the weeds.

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