Addiction is more than life destroying.

It’s family crushing, soul eating, heartbreak. It’s awful.

It’s kids outside playing unsupervised because you’re asleep.

It’s kids sleeping curled up like puppies in a pile on the floor.

It’s no fridge. No food.

It’s filthy dishes.

Dirty floors. Empty cupboards. And excuses.


“I don’t have a problem”, “I’m not an addict”, “I have a script”.

It busts the hardest of hearts. It crushes relationships.

People are forced to make choices they did not wish to make.

People see things they did not want to ever see.

This is kids, scratching about in a tiny, filthy kitchen looking for something, anything to eat. That doesn’t stink.

It’s kids left alone, asleep so you can pop out to score.

It’s kids who go without. Because again you’ve spent the money.

It’s swapping Salvos vouchers for cash, or drugs. And sweetly talking to the kindly folk to give you more.

It’s lies, prescriptions, stories, stealing, it’s family members who enable and give you their medications because they are afraid.

It’s telling your story right, manipulating people into helping you and enabling this to all keep happening.

It’s playing the system. And the system plays the game. It supports and enables, even when we fight to intervene.

It’s fighting for custody, because without kids you have no income. They are your meal ticket and the only way you can afford to buy drugs.

It’s never been about what’s best for these kids.

And it crushes us, and anyone who has ever loved you and these kids.


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