Sing Out!

I often remind people there is no shame in speaking out, in asking for help, in saying you need a hand, in admitting you are not okay and saying no.

It’s not easy.

I want to remind people today that IF a friend sings out, and calls on you and you know they are not okay, PLEASE DON’T KEEP SECRETS!

Get them some help.

Let someone else know.

Get professional help.

It’s not breaching confidence. It’s getting help for someone not strong enough to get it for themselves.

It’s okay to tell someone your friends are not okay, that they need help.

Don’t carry that on your own. If someone you love is having suicidal thoughts, TELL someone.

If someone you love isn’t okay, talk about it.

It’s not a secret you can carry.

Please, let’s talk about this.

It’s okay to say my friend or partner is not okay. I need some help for them.

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