Stop Multi-Tasking!

“The person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” ~ Confucius.

Some days we are juggling so many things, we have so many balls in the air we can’t hope to do anything well.

Research suggests we produce lower quality work and don’t learn well when we multi-task.

It can be difficult to fit work, family and some kind of life-balance into the time we have in the day.

It is really important to try and manage our time so that we have at least part of the day focussing on the things that really matter and that require our full attention.

When I am struggling with this and self-discipline, procrastination and distractions, I break my day into short appointments. Half an hour. Put my phone on silent and commit for that half hour to getting that one thing done.

Simple, but it helps. It’s easier to stay on track for shorter period of time. It allows us to feel like we are ticking boxes and accomplishing tasks.

Play around with a schedule. See what works for you and try and limit your multi-tasking!

And stop glorifying busy!

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