“There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children – one is roots, the other wings.” ~ Unknown.

Parenting is a huge challenge.

I’ve recently noticed a people giving unsolicited advice and making comments on other people’s parenting.


Some people even go to the trouble of writing a little note with their views on the other person’s life.


Have you that much time on your hands?

How do you know you are right?

Why would you assume you know what is best for someone else’s child?

We are all doing our best in the hardest job on earth.

Support each other. Encourage. Empower. Smile. Offer a hand.

Raise good humans. Give them roots and wings.

Mind your own business. Focus on your family.

You have no idea what the circumstances are.

Forget who says what.

Forget “should”.

Raise good humans, the best way you can.

Do whatever you need to get it done.

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