How on earth do we achieve balance in our lives?

What is balance?

Balance for me means I spend time with my family, loved ones and friends, I take time out to relax, before I am close to burn out! I spend time in reflection, time on myself; growing and learning. It is time spent working, studying, getting the essentials done and time spent helping others.

How much time?

It’s not something you can work out easily.

When my kids were tiny and I was working I needed alone time, time away from them. I don’t need that as much now. They don’t drain me like they did when they were toddlers, pawing hands, sharing my bed, questions, snotty noses and energy to burn.

Balance for me is doing what I have to do to get it done and to take care of me in doing it.

To make sure I am doing my best, but that I am happy and healthy, the best I can be, while I do what has to be done.

Sometimes it’s about saying no. Sometimes it’s about a change in routine. Sometimes it’s about a nap. A swim. Reading a book. Or having a beer with some mates round a fire. It might be about watching the kids play in the creek, or talking in the car on the way to sport. And sometimes it’s about working early on a Sunday morning or late on a Friday night.

It’s your life, your balance.

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