Okay, gripe time.

When you hear a story of a family in crisis, or a relationship breakdown or someone struggling with addiction or whatever, this is not gossip fodder.

This is not juicy chat. This is not for you to make snide remarks, rude comments and judgements.

People are struggling, and could probably use some support.

People often don’t reach out or tell others what is going on behind those closed doors for fear of being judged.

I didn’t. I couldn’t reach out. I was embarrassed. I couldn’t have told anyone the truth of what was going on. I was ashamed, and I was desperately trying to fix it on my own.

And there but by the Grace of God go all of us.

Bit less chat, bit more support would probably do the world of good.

It could be you next.

Offer support, smile, a little kindness.

Empathy goes a long way.

God forbid these issues would occur in your own family.

Break down the barriers, make it easier for people to reach out and get that support.

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