I’m writing this as I reflect on the sudden death of a friend.

Death shocks us as when it comes suddenly, often leaving us feeling there are words unspoken. Things we wished we had done or said.

Life is too short we say, then we go about our day, doing the same things we’ve always done.

My brother’s passing, should not have come as a shock. He was born with a terminal disease, he’d been sick for a long time, and yet for me it was still a shock.

“They” were working on a cure. We’d done the fundraising, of course “they’d” find the cure. We were such naïve kids. Innocent, filled with hopes, dreams, ambitions and not concerned by reality. We KNEW they’d find this cure in time.


But, they didn’t.

And twenty odd years on, they still haven’t.

We thought that close meant weeks. We thought we had time. We were kids. And we believed.

I wonder what would have changed had we understood that a cure would come too late?

Would things have been more difficult? What would we have said or done differently?

Or would we have changed none of it?

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